I worked as a freelance writer in TV after leaving University and as a freelance Camera Assist and Cinematographer of over 5 years practical experience. But without a steady string of professional work, I've created the work for myself over the last couple of years, acting in my desired role as a self-shooting Director. 

Primarily, I make music videos but continue to write and make my personal short films in the gaps of business in-between. 

The works pitch black, extreme, violent and obscure at times, usually set within the hyper-realist world of true life, more coming from my background as an illustrator and animator. 

The work won't be everyone's cup-of-tea, not particularly user-friendly, may even be offensive (if you want it to be) but it attracts an audience and it's been said to have a 'style' about it, so I'm told anyway.


- Ryan